You can never go wrong with these classic bag styles

While buying a handbag, the first thing we look for in a bag that can fit all the essential accessories without much compromising on the style. Taking into consideration all the trends, every season, all famous brands bring an exquisite collection of handbags that are fashion and Function at the same time. These styles will always be in demand. Be it a tote, satchel, clutch or wallet or a backpack style bag - they will always have a timeless appeal and will never get outdated. Here is a collection of some of our trendiest handbags that will never go out of style.

Chanel 2.55

1955 was the year this iconic Chanel bag was born. Chanel was initially very sceptical about this new rebellious design because at that time the handbags never came with straps. This revolutionary idea as made sure that the 2.55 bag was ready for the future. These days the 2.55 or its reiteration the Classic Flap handbag is loved more than ever. It’s iconic features scream Chanel. From the quilted leather to the interwoven hardware - the classic Chanel bag is a piece that will be passed on from generation to generation.

LV Tote bag

Louis Vuitton has always given the world something exceptional and ideal for everyday use. Their amazing craftsmanship and value is something that cannot be denied. The portable and easy-to-carry tote bag has something that Louis Vuitton handbag has always aspired to be. The bag is embellished with silver-coloured metallic pieces and the tote is roomy and can carry all your basic necessities in style. It is available in four different colours and you can get it to add a stylish glow to your outfit.

Hermès Birkin

The Hermes Birkin was, as we all very well know, named after the icon of Parisian effortlessness - Jane Birkin. The Birkin handbag was specially designed for her after she has seated next to Hermes executive Jean-Louis Dumas on a flight. She told him she was having trouble finding a good leather weekend bag. This Birkin was based on a previous design of the fashion house from 1892. It is nowadays available in multiple colours and materials. The silhouette is classic yet understated, it comes with an air of nonchalance, especially when you compare it to its rigid sister: the Kelly. The Kelly definitely is the epitome of ladylike in a handbag, the Birkin has a more modern feel which can never look outdated.

Alexander McQueen clutch

Glitzy or embellished clutches are the best accessory to carry when you are going for an evening event. The sensational clutch bag is designed in exotic leather in golden gues. With round and soft edges, this glamorous clutch highlights four bejewelled rings on the top of the handbag. Pair this beautiful piece of craftsmanship with your favourite dress to walk in with confidence.

Prada Saffiano

This Saffinao Lux has been a Prada icon for ages, and it’s here to stay. This handbag is named after the typically treated leather of the fashion house, patented by Mr Prada himself. The signature material from this Prada bag will make sure the classic handbag holds its shape for many many years to come. You can top this with straight lines and edges and presented to you will be the perfect example of a timeless classic.