When you shell out hundreds of dollars on a Hermes Birkin or Kelly, the classic Chanel double flap bag that’s been popular since forever, or a Lady Dior, you know it’s an investment. These are some of the most iconic bags to have ever hit the runway and continue to trend even today, getting more famous and expensive by the passing years.

For those who’ve been saving up for months to buy that designer bag from a sea of must-have designer bags in 2019, we bring you the most iconic bags from our collection of classic handbags of all time

So whether you’re young or old, a fashionista or a plain-jane, here are some of the best designer handbags to invest in 2019 -

How to invest in designer bags this year -  

When you’re thinking of investing in designer bags this year, it’s important to consider your options and what best suits your style. Designer bags are mostly one-off purchases and not a lavish everyday purchase. So, it’s best to spend sufficient time and get your criteria right before investing in that next big bag purchase. To evaluate the best designer bags worth the money, one must keep in mind style, utility, durability, and most of all, whether it will evolve with your own sense of style. Bags like Hermes Birkins and Lady Dior are estimated to rise in popularity and pricing over the next 10 years, and the same goes for many other iconic bags. Designer handbags worth the money never lose their value and never run out of style.

So if you’re thinking of designer handbags worth the money, go for the most iconic of them all. We’re talking about the holy grail of bags, and we mean the likes of Chanel, Prada, Dior, and Hermes.

Here’s our list of must-have designer bags in 2019 - 

Comfort & durability -

Comfort precedes style, but when it comes to the Hermes Kelly bags - designed specifically for the Princess of Monaco, they both often go hand in hand. Exuding grace, elegance, and panache, this Hermes Kelly bag was first designed in 1935 with the intention of making the perfect horse-riding accessory for the Princess. The iconic bag has since been worn as a fashion accessory worn on the arms of many popular celebrities and style icons.

Hermes Kelly -  

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Estimated resale value -

A good bag will never lose its value, but like good wine, it gets better with the passing years. In fact, Baghunter estimates that since 2010, the iconic Chanel double flap bag - first designed by Coco Chanel in 1955, and then remade by Karl Lagerfeld - has increased in value by an incredible 70 percent.

Chanel Double Flap Bag -

From the likes of Princess Diana to Duchess of Cambridge, to Jackie Kennedy and many more, the Chanel Double Flap Bag is one that is much too familiar. The first version of this iconic classic was designed by Coco Chanel in the year 1955, February, and has since seen a few variations.

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Timeless Fashion -

A good vintage bag will fetch you more than just good money, it’s a style that will itself never run out of style. Classic designer bags are often treated as heirloom pieces and are even passed down from generation to generation, and truly ages gracefully with time.

The Hermes Birkin -

When Hermes Jean-Louis Dumas designed the first-ever Hermes Birkin, it was designed for utility while still making a style statement. But years later, the classic beauty remains a must-have. It is said that Dumas was inspired to design the Birkin after a lady he’d met on a flight was frustrated that she couldn’t find a weekend appropriate leather bag of her taste after the contents of her bag had spilled onto the floor.

Shortly after that, in 1984, Jean-Louis created the first-ever Hermes Birkin with black supple leather. Said to be one of the most expensive bags in the world, this everyday wear bag tops our list of investment bags and perfectly fits the bill of classic, stylish and sophisticated.

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Classic & Iconic -

If you’re thinking of how to invest in designer bags, fashionable is a way to go, but nothing speaks class and elegance like a good vintage Lady Dior bag; one that has been worn by the likes of style icons like Princess Diana and First Lady Jackie O.

The Lady Dior Bag -

Brands like Hermes have understood what gets your inner fashionista ticking, and that is why a Hermes bag, or a Lady Dior for that matter, will always remain an investment purchase.

This Lady Dior, for example, was exclusively designed in honor of Princess Diana. At the Cezanne Art Exhibition in 1995, former First Lady of France, Bernadette Chirac, had sent the Princess a brand new model of a Christian Dior bag as a present. Soon after, Dior renamed the unreleased bag under the name of Lady Dior, and it continues to be one of the top designer bags of the century.

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From the Fendi Baguette, whose sales have increased by 558% in just the last year, to the Dior saddlebag which was trending last Summer, and the Chanel classic flap bag, this season, invest in the most classic handbags of all time which are trending even today. When it comes to choosing handbags worth the money, always choose comfort, heritage, and style together, rather than one over the other.