Top 5 Runway approved handbags for Spring ‘20

Are you already over fall and winter before they’ve even started? We hear you! Leave it to the runways to give us all the fashion inspiration we need for next spring. Fashion month is already underway, and designers have been showing off tonnes of spring/summer 2020 bag trends to die for. These chic looks will make you dream up all the ways you can accessorize them, come March. Here are our top 5 picks which we think will definitely 

For the past few seasons, we’ve seen bag sizes shrink like clothes after laundry—but what's in store for Spring 2020? According to the runways, big bags are coming back for the win. Large-sized totes, hobo bags, and clutch bag accessories are many of the top spring collections from New York to Paris. From surprising shapes to bold colors and vibrant textures, we've been tracking all the best bags that are guaranteed to shape next season's trends. Follow us to see the standouts from the Spring 2020 runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris—and get ready to finally make room for more than just your AirPods.

5. Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking!

Dreamy florals that might have otherwise looked outdated get a modern update with these pretty purses. The perfect excuse to go back to those retro-style picturesque movie scenes that we have adored while growing up - we know you want to! Style these beautiful bags with a neutral or toned-down shade of any color to channel some vintage goddess vibes. Pick out a Gucci, Prada, or Moschino bag to satiate your desires!

4. Orange is the new Orange

Nothing says welcome spring than bright and vibrant shades. Search for your favorite orange-peachy colors in the brands you love: whether it’s Prada, or Coach, or Hermes. Look out for a bright and stunning shade to make your spring look even more beautiful.

This delicious citrus color is about to be the new neon come spring. Pair with neutrals clothing to make it pop even more!

3. Less Is More

When did we hear anyone say “the smaller - the better”? Well, it clearly seems to be the order of things around here these days. Hop onto the bandwagon of sporting miniature purses

The perfect bag for your daily essentials: a credit card, your AirPods, and, of course, your favorite shade of lipstick! Watch out for this trend as it hits every influencer and blogger you have on your feed.

2. Monogram It!

We know a Louis Vuitton bag when we see it. It could be the style and vibe of the brand, or it could just be the hundreds of monograms that have been seen decorating every arm and shoulder of the Instagram generation. Opt for both big and small bags to make a bold style statement with these runway-loved classics. The best thing about monogrammed bags is that they can be style both with couture and street-style, and still come out looking just perfect!

1. Bring the drama with fringe and feather

Drama drama drama. That’s what we’re talking about! Bring in some of that 70s glam with these bags which are back on the market. Get on the high-fashion bandwagon with these absolutely gorgeous pieces that will ensure you a diva status in your social circles! We assure you, you will not regret it. Look out for this trend in your brand of choice: Alexander McQueen, Fendi or Gucci.