The Rules of Styling the Tiny Handbag

We don’t have to repeat this, but the kind of bag you decide to carry says a lot about your sense of style, career and of course your life! So even if you’re not thinking about it, people on the street, in your neighborhood, and in your life - make assumptions based on it, all the time. We are big advocates of shopping for yourself (and to not take too many opinions) but sometimes there are a few guidelines you should follow! Especially when it comes to the tiny handbag trend, you should know the rules to style this popular trend. It ain’t easy looking good, you know.

It’s important to find a handbag that fits your style and taste. The tiny handbag trend has taken the world by storm. Every influencer, blogger, and fashionista worth her buck knows she needs one in her closet! For dressy events, weddings or parties, a tiny bag is everything you need!

Punk Rock

Have you ever been a fan of the punk rock movement? If yes, then this style will speak to your soul! Style your colored teeny-tiny handbag with a printed turtleneck, a sexy, studded leather jacket, and your favorite pair of chunky combat boots.


Are you someone who cringes at the sight of “overdressed” people? Well, then you might want to keep it casual with this tiny handbag trend. Wear your small handbag around your neck and keep it casual yet smart with a checked blazer, dark blue jeans, and white sneakers to really seal that deal!

Bright as Sunshine

Yellow-yellow bright fellow! We love bright colors (especially for spring). If you’re a sucker for bright colors just like us, try and match a yellow tiny handbag with cute heels, a checkered or printed blazer, and a white button-down shirt that can also be worn as a dress.

Street Style

All you street-style enthusiasts, this is your time to shine. Bring out your best angles, because you’ll be wanting to take photos in this one. Style your mini handbag with a turtleneck, a blazer, a fringed style, and sneakers for a street-style-ready look.

70s diva

Channel your inner floral goddess with this stunning 70s style. Pick out a top with a large and bright floral print in a color like yellow or orange. Pair it up with your adorable tiny handbag, sling it around your neck or strap it across your shoulder. Wear it with a colorful blazer, a scarf tied around your head and some attitude that says “devil may care”!

Thigh-high boots

Look sleek, sexy, and confident in a button-down dress with thigh-high boots, your favorite mini handbag slung across your shoulders. Pair up this bold look with red lips, some chain-link accessories and you’ll look like the next Kat Von Dee!

The little or long Black Dress

If you’re looking to dress for that perfect date night, then this is your calling. Pick out your favorite little black dress and pair it up with pink lips, popping highlighter and your favorite tiny handbag! The perfect way to flaunt your handbag, and your look your sassy best!

Combat boots

If you have always been half parts tomboy and half parts girlie, then this is your time to shine. Pair your baggy jeans and a cute crop top with a pair of bold combat boots. Sling on your cute and tiny handbag to finish this look, and look like a complete badass while rocking your cool and personal style!

Formal Chic

Picking out clothes to wear to the office, but want to look good too? Then you might want to choose a fringed mini handbag style to make a statement and wear it with a blazer and plaid pants. You can rock this look for Friday evenings at the office or just a night out at a bar with your favorite girls!

Scarf and overalls

This is your chance to look like a fashionista while you’re holed in someplace cold and want to look like a fashionista. Pull-on your favorite winter scarf, pair it up with a crossbody mini handbag and colorful puffer and voila- you’re already in Vogue!