The Revival of the Baguette, With A Vintage Twist

If you’re a fan of the classic ‘90s and ‘80s fashion, then this vintage Baguette will surely ring a bell. While growing up, we saw our favorite pop stars sport this style and we were smitten! From Britney Spears to Jennifer Lopez. The 21st century did not disappoint us when it came to bag styles. And with the revival of these awesome trends, big fashion houses gave it a vintage twist!

For example, Prada’s black nylon shoulder bag became the must-have accessory for every teen. Up there were the Takashi Murakami editions of Louis Vuitton’s monogram Pochette as well.  The white one featuring the rainbow LVs, the pale pink rendition with the blossoms along with the classic brown with the red smiley-face cherries. Even Coach did not spare this style. This signature jacquard bag was another wish list topper. And of course, there had to be Fendi’s iconic Baguette. Nobody can forget the Sex and the City episode where Carrie Bradshaw clearly corrected a bag-snatcher after he demanded she hands over her “bag.” It’s a baguette, thank you very much!

Like most trends from the 1990s and 2000s, the baguette has made a thriving comeback. A cult-favorite Bulgarian brand also caught the flow early on with its Rachel bag (named after Rachel Green of Friends) and released last year. The Rachel was an obviously an instant hit. With the popularity of the sitcom soaring higher than any other, it was snapped up by influencers, editors, and celebs such as Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Other brands like Little Liffner and The Row also put out similar styles. But even with new options, however, this kind of sentimental fashion moment can be the perfect opportunity to go vintage.


You can never go wrong with a Prada! Especially if you’re looking to invest in your first designer baguettePrada is a definite “can’t-miss” bag style. This multi-coloured Prada nylon shoulder bag is one of those classics that is extremely relevant even as trends shift. So, even if you aren't fully happy with the on the shoulder bag trend, this could be a great starting point. There is a multitude of color variations that they're a great staple.


Fendi-Fendi-Fendi! This eclectic brand never stops giving us reasons to rave about it. The Fendi baguette lies in the sweet spot where practicality and aesthetically pleasing features collide. Like a crossbody or belt bag, it possesses the convenience of being completely hands-free. The size is also just right. It’s not too big that it becomes a black hole and swallows up all your stuff (god knows we hate that) but not so tiny that it can’t even fit your phone or other basics. Also, it's just really really cool.


Did someone say, Louis Vuitton? Because it’s the king of classics and we couldn’t have asked for better! With the LV bags, you have the colourful monogram and cherry print (a serious favourite of ours), and then all of its collab collections have such incredibly unique patterns. They have such bright and bold patterns and we are huge fans of any brand that really has fun with their collections. They definitely have the best vintage finds since it is so easy to identify which year those collections were born.