The Pochette Nostalgia with Kendall Jenner

The enduring allure of Louis Vuitton pochette has been the talk of the town. It’s deemed to be a must-have for any young woman’s collection. These bags are not only chic, svelte and simply luxurious, but they can also manage to fit in your Louis Vuitton zippy wallet! If you can find one (they’re selling like hotcakes) they retail for $525. The rumor is that they will soon get retired indefinitely, so you might wanna cash in on this cool trend.

And as if prompted by this trend, Kendall Jenner was also spotted carrying the Stephen Sprouse and Louis Vuitton collab version of the Pochette. We’re sure that this bag still dates back to when Kendall herself was still enrolled in middle school, but celebs lately have been doing a pretty decent job of dazzling up their throwback finds.

The Pochette, bum bag and even the recently revived Bum Bag, is almost a blank canvas for artistic expression and collaboration. Perhaps it had a good long run, but it would be a shame if it did disappear forever. We have a feeling it will never truly be gone for long. The world is full of Pochettes, after all, and brands can rarely resist cashing in on our collective nostalgia.

Here are a few of our favorite Pochette picks:

Fendi and Louis Vuitton have a great assortment of individual styles. Fendi has marvelous retro beaded, animal print, and canvas styles from earlier collections.  Blanco also shares my fondness for Louis Vuitton’s whimsical-print options and Prada’s nylon range. With Louis Vuitton, you have the multi-color monogram and cherry print, and many of its collab collections had such unique patterns. Prada is really all about the nylon pieces. Such fun colors and such a have to collect them all feeling. We are huge fans of any brand that really has fun with their collections. They're the best vintage finds since it is so easy to identify which year that collection was born.


The 90s continue to have a moment as seen by the renewed interest in logos, all denim everything, combat boots and of course the Fendi Baguette. This iconic bag is totally lit and we’ve got plenty of piping hot baguettes to serve to you! Just check out this Fendi masterpiece, and we’re sure you’ll be sold! Canvas bag that features gunmetal-tone hardware, an interior zip pocket, signature Fendi logo, and a leather shoulder strap. Don’t miss it while it’s hot!


The late 1990s and early 2000s baguette craze is back in a big (or small) way. At Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2020 show, some of the models were sent sashaying down the runway carrying a Multi Pochette, which is essentially three bags in one…a large Pochette, a mini Pochette and a round coin purse! While we haven’t gotten our hands on the Multi Pochette, we’ve got the classic LV Cerises Cherry Pochette bag that all the cool girls wanted in 2002!


If you’re looking to invest in your first designer baguette, we recommend Prada as a can’t-miss starter pick. The colorful Prada nylon shoulder bag is one of those classics that is still so relevant even as trends shift. Even if you aren't fully sold on the shoulder bag trend, this is a great starting point. There are just so many variations you can find, and they also make a great staple. 

So bring out that early 2000s style because you know what’s trending? Some of that fashion you loved when you were growing up. And who doesn’t love reminiscing some good old times! We think it’s amazing how everything including fashion, comes full circle.