The Best of Gucci & Louis Vuitton: 6 Iconic Bags Perfect for Everyday

What makes a bag iconic? Right from the fabric of the bag, to its construction - there are many things that a designer takes into consideration before designing a bag. Some bags have a harder exterior and appear very box-like, and still exude a timeless charm, while others like some Louis Vuitton classic bags and Gucci classic bags have a softer texture and finish. 

An iconic bag is one that empowers its wearer, leaves a lasting impression for all the right reasons, and stays true to its value for years to come.

Here are of the best handbag brands to invest in 2020 in the form of 10 perfect bags for your daily wear -

Top 3 Louis Vuitton Classic Bags - 

#1 - The LV Belt Bumbag - 

Among Louis Vuitton classic bags, this limited edition red LV monogram belt bumbag is an absolute must-have this season. Fashioned in classic monogram canvas, and signed with an LV Paris leather pouch, the limited edition red bumbag is not only functional but stylish too. It can be worn as sportswear, as well as transforms into an effortlessly chic look in no time. With flexible styling options, you can wear it as a belt bag, a crossbody bag or even just drape it off your shoulder for a cheerful, summery vibe.

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#2 - The Giant Monogram Tote by LV - 

Right from 1896 to when Georges Vuitton first designed the famous LV logo by interlocking LVs with florals, the LV monogram motifs have become an instantly recognizable feature of LV. From there began the playing of logos and logo prints on tote bags, which have become an instant hit today. When it comes to tote bags, LV remains one of the most trusted, go-to brands, both for utility reasons as well as aesthetics. Of Louis Vuitton’s classic bags, this limited-edition interpretation of the classic monogram tote is no less. With the latest collection, LV has taken its tote bags to newer heights with the personal LV signature having bloomed into giant monograms. Truly, it’s love at first sight. 

#3 - The LV Pochette Jungle Giant Monogram Crossbody Bag - 

The Pochette is a part of the exquisite LV Jungle collection of accessories and leather goods. Of all Louis Vuitton classic handbags, this double zip pochette bag comes in monogram and monogram giant canvas which also has a distinct graphic animal print. With two pockets with zips, the bag acts as a perfect everyday bag, with just enough space for valuables, giving you easy access to your daily essentials. The bag can be wrung on the arm, a crossbody style, and even looks great when held as a clutch.

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With magnified initials and star-shaped flowers and prints, the monogram giant motif makes LV’s latest capsule collection both timeless and oozing in sophistication & elegance with its striking use of graphics. 

Top 3 Gucci Classic Handbags

#4 - The Sylvie by Gucci - 

Of Gucci classic handbags, the Sylvie is our favorite. Seen on the likes of Hailey Baldwin, Elizabeth Olsen and many more, the Sylvie from the house of Gucci is a distinct story in itself. The Sylvie’s distinct rectangular-box shape, gold chain and tricolored ribbon running down the front half of the bag, makes it instantly recognizable. The Sylvie Gucci classic bags come with two straps - a leather shoulder strap and a grosgrain ribbon which concerts the top handle to a shoulder bag. 

This season, the Sylvie is back in an exquisite, never-seen-before bubblegum pink and hibiscus red in the top handle and petite versions of the bag.

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#5 - The Gucci Guccissima Bree Tote - 

With a very sleek, modern, sophisticated design, the iconic Gucci Guccissima Bree Tote Bag is both spacious and luxurious. This trusted bag can hold all your daily essentials while still oozing elegance and style. With dual flat shoulder straps and a creme canvas lining, the bag is made of fine quality Gucci leather which is highly durable and long-lasting. The bag can be worn in three different ways - using the shorter handles, or the longer strap, or wearing it as a crossbody bag. The bag has a mix of two different logo sizes - a bigger Gucci monogram on the main part of the bag, with micro GGs on the edge of the bag. Made out of sturdy leather, this Gucci Guccissima Tote bag will last you a long while, and then some more.

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The Guccissima comes in different sizes, including a mini-tote size


#6 - The Soho Disco by Gucci - 

The Soho Disco bag is one of the most timeless and coveted pieces from the house of Gucci. With a centralized Gucci logo in the middle, this monotoned and very basic crossbody bag has a swinging tassel to add to its aesthetic. The bag’s fuss-free design allows it to be paired easily with clothes and other fashion accessories without having to put a lot of thought into it. The Soho Disco has been designed to sit cozily on the hip, and though small in appearance - it is cleverly spacious.  A loyal and trusted friend on any occasion - the Soho Disco remains one of the most distinct and popular bags from the house.

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When it comes to the best handbag brands to invest in, there are way too many options and way too many designs, which makes choosing the right bag much harder. While there are several factors to consider before investing in premium luxury handbags, we believe that there are some classics that have withstood the test of time, and are today the best handbag classics in the history of fashionable bags.