The 3 Biggest Bag Trends Of 2020

Looking back at the last decade, we can recall some pretty cool handbag moments. There has been the elephant shape from Loewe, the small dachshund replicas by Thom Browne, and even grocery baskets from Chanel. There have been bags of enormous proportions walking down the runway, and some couldn’t even fit your AirPods! It was definitely a year of extremes. Now that we’re entering a brand new decade, what can we expect from the runways? 

In fashion we are constantly looking out for new and upcoming bag trends we should know of. We also almost always have an answer. By skimming through retailers’ trend reports, keeping a pulse on what’s been happening on the runways, persuing shopping websites for the latest product drops and what not! Even though you can toss out new clothing trends even while you sleep, there is always more to the story. Aside from any clothing trends, there are always jewelry, shoes and bag trends that come up.

And if you are as handbag obsessed as we are, then let’s dive into this subject even further. This year we bring about a range of bag designs that we have already received a sneak peek of. Both spring-summer and fall 2020 have a lot to offer. In order to make this information more digestible- here are the top 2020 handbag trends to follow. You might want to bookmark this page, text it to your friends because everyone should know about the latest must-buy arm candy!

Soft Puffy bags

For one of this decade’s most popular handbag trends, everyone has taken inspiration from the brand Bottega Veneta. Creative director Daniel Lee has transformed the brand and has sparked a craze for this new type of bag. The brand has an immense impact on the accessories market and the impact can be felt in the new designs for the brand that celebrates padding and volume. The soft puffy bag silhouette has become the new iconic pouch that every it-girl has been seen sporting. The style includes a new take on the regular leather bag version.

The Pouch Clutch

Although the top handle mini bags were all over the runways in 2019, this year was all about the pouch-like clutches. The runways made way for this new trend and we are all loving it! It has definitely become a must-have item of 2020 and we would be silly to mention this pouch clutch without referring  Lee who has made a case for the slouchy-pouch clutch since he first released Bottega’s coveted version last year. This look seems to be spreading all across the fashion world! You can notice this style in all price points, shapes, and sizes. This bag can be used as your staple nighttime accessory.

The Modern Hobo bag

If clutch bags aren’t exactly your cup of tea, then worry not. The hobo bag trend has come to save you. According to the handbag trends of 2020, this hobo bag which is known for its slouchy and body shoulder straps is being seen as a major revival for the year. It’s the newest shape we have seen and we’re definitely eyeing it to trend in 2020. You can notice it in different shapes and textures that feel fresh. Beyond it’s minimal and modern design, we also think its a truly practical bag. While the new hobo comes in all sizes and shapes, the majority can carry all your essential items. It is much more than just a “showy” bag and a welcome change from the minuscule satchels from last year. It can be worn on the shoulder and is roomy enough to hold all of your everyday essentials in it.