Spring Bag trends 2020

Are you over the fall-winter season before it even started? We hear you! Winter can sometimes become a depressing season to be in. All the short days, gloomy weather, the dearth of sunshine - all make us feel rather blue. But lucky for us, the runways are always alive to give us the fashion inspo we need for next spring! All the fashion craze has started and the creativity has been unleashed upon us. The runways are brimming with designers who have been showing up some seriously amazing Spring - Summer 2020 bag trends to covet! These chic and functional bags will breathe life into those dull winter months. Here are a few of our top picks for the upcoming Spring season!


Spring 2020 saw designers turn to more innovative ideas for their collections. They looked for more ways to incorporate natural elements into their accessories. One such material which stood out on the runway was bamboo, fastened into the handles of many handbags. Miu Miu, Prada, Gucci, all of them took this trend with aplomb. The details on the bags were very detailed yet wearable. They offered a great textured layer to the handbags. We would happily switch our old leather handbags for this one!


It’s 2020 people! Definitely not enough to carry just one bag! You will want to carry two or more - or so the trends say. Multi bagging or bags with many compartments are in to become all the rage this season. Coach has already put out their pre-fall collection where you can find all these iterations to their bag collections. If you by any chance get to go their showroom, you can spot some detachable pouches hanging from the handles of their bags. JW Anderson is another fashion house that has hopped onto this compartmentalisation train. Even though the style availability is meagre right now, many other houses will definitely be digging deep into this trend in 2020.


The trend of teeny tiny bags had its moment and now its time for the big guns to come out and have some fun. The super large tote could quite possibly stow away a human. These big bags have been flaunting their popularity and sizes. Even the provider of the smallest bag Jacquemus has upgraded its bag dimension to accommodate the many things we’ll be doing in 2020. The theme for this year is definitely “the bigger the better”. Fingers crossed that you won’t be having any trouble carrying these oversized totes in pesky situations like the London underground or the NYC subway!


Many seasons have taught us that for spring/summer collections, designers tend to alternate between many nautical details, raffia, crochet or other accessories. So it’s definitely no surprise that we have landed back on the rope theme again for Spring 2020. The summertime appropriate designs were present in 2020 runway collections of Givenchy, Valentino, Ulla Johnson to name a few. Style these delicious handbags with your favourite espadrilles, or maxi dresses for your next vacation!

Puffy Pouch

It seems that overnight every fashion-savvy girl has gathered Bottega Veneta’s coveted leather bag in their arms. These tasteful, minimal, and cool accessories are everything you wanted. The fervour for these styles will only continue to grow in popularity because every designer is trying to create different variations of these cloud-like pouches in many colours and sizes. Even Tory Burch’s runway show saw vibrant red pouches on the runway, while LV has more opulent options.