8 Reasons We Love The New Valentino Garavani Vsling Bag

For years, the house of Valentino has been a go-to luxury fashion house for many fashionistas, popular personalities, and remains a staple among many fashionable Hollywood celebs. But when Valentino, whose collections go under the name Valentino, released his latest collection under Valentino Garavani, we knew this had to be an IT-collection. 

Since 2008, Valentino, the well-known Italian luxury fashion house started to have their bags designed by designers Maria Grazia and Pierpaolo Picciolo, and among Valentino Garavani Bags - the newest Valentino Garavani Bag under the name Vsling has caught our attention for its elegant and simplistic aesthetic, monochromatic & ton sur ton style, its smooth functionality, and most of all the here’s-me-looking-at-you iconic large print logo which exudes a minimalistic and impressionable personality.

While our love for Valentino bags knows no bounds, and we can rave about the luxury designer’s penchant for exquisite designs - we, however, just can’t stop gushing over the newest IT bag among Valentino bags 2019 - i.e. the Valentino Garavani Vsling bag. And here’s why - 

#1 - Versatility - Different Colours & Designs

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#2 - The Design - Bolder & Braver

Hit every fashion look home with this exquisite luxury range of Valentino Garavani handbags, namely the Valentino metallic Vlogo sling bag. With an oversized Valentino logo at the front of the bag, and consisting of antique brass-finish hardware, this Valentino sling bag has been designed for comfort, and much like with most of Valentino’s collections - finds its inspiration in the early 70s. The bag comes with a leather shoulder strap and an adjustable chain, with an inner Nappa lining with an open flat pocket. Made in Italy the bag is a statement piece in itself, and will do all the talking needed as you strut out in style with this Valentino Garavani handbag.

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#3 - Petite Sizing - Easy to Carry  

Don’t we all love a bag that knows well how to behave - one that knows exactly what needs to be carried with its wearer on any given day and accommodates? The same goes for this exquisite and timeless Maison Valentino Garavani bag which has been designed to carry your minimalist daily essentials in a stylish, compact and statement-worthy manner. Not only is it petite and easy to carry, but comes with a detachable sling. This Valentino Vsling bag can also be used as a hand-held clutch for any formal/ dressed-up occasion and can also be worn down as a casual-look on a day-time summery day.

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#4 - Durability - Designed to Last 

Made in Italy with the finest Nappa leather, Valentino Garavani handbag is designed to last for longer than even its wearer. Over the years, many Valentino pieces have been passed down as heritage pieces and heirlooms from yesteryear fashion trends; but with the latest Valentino bags 2019 collection, the Vsling also translates as an heirloom piece that can be passed down through generations. Sturdy, made to last for long, and designed for the inner fashionista, this sleek and stylish leather calfskin bag is durable, with a leather sling that will ensure the bag doesn’t lose sight of its loves any time soon.

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#5 - Functionality - They’re Uber-functional 

It’s a given that Valentino bags are pretty awesome, speak of class and utmost sophistication, and are much more fashionable to look at than just any other bag. Designed with a petite frame, the bag manages just enough room for your daily essentials, and might even leave behind space for a little more. Not just that, with functionality at the forefront of its design, this Valentino Garavani handbag can double up as a hand-held clutch, or a sling or a shoulder bag. Amplify your look every day and choose to remain stylish as ever with the newest range of Valentino Garavani handbags for women.

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#6 - Flexibility - Doubles-up as Partywear & Casualwear 

Designed with an extendable shoulder strap, the Valentino Vsling shoulder bag can be worn as a crossbody bag or can even be pulled off as a shoulder bag. The best part about the bag is its ability to play with many looks - be it the easy-breezy casual style, a sophisticated formal charm, or even as partywear. With so many patterns and colours and designs under the collection, finding the right Valentino Garavani handbag for yourself is never going to be a hassle.

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#7 - Design - Exudes Balance in Design  

Of Valentino bags, the Valentino Garavani handbag Vsling - one among the Valentino bags 2019 collection - along with its clean-cut, sharp and delicate lines, has its designs inspired by the graceful geometrics of the seventies and is akin to the great Maison Valentino himself. With a chic and elegant design that balances out every other feature of the bag - this Valentino Garavani handbag has been designed to perfection, and mean to amplify and elevate just about any look.

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#8 - Tonality - Monochromatic & Ton Sur Ton style 

Every single bag in the Valentino bags 2019 collection comes with a monochromatic style and colour with a tinge of metallic on the straps to break the tone. With the trend of monochromes having hit the runway a few years ago, monochromatic styles are on the rise with entire outfits consisting of single colours in different hues. 

These Valentino Garavani handbags not only exude elegance and regal timeless charm, but also makes a bold statement with its ability to avoid blending into other styles, but it stands out in its own monochrome. Wearing tints of the same colour in different shades is a great way to elevate your monochromatic look for the coming fall season.

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With the latest Valentino bags 2019 collection, the Maison has drawn inspiration from Rome, which can be seen in the aesthetics of the collection and its title - An Ode to Roma. According to Valentino, the collection is inspired by the city built on infinite layers of history and personality. For Valentino, Roma is the horizon of Valentino Resort 2020 Collection. With a boundless expression of eclecticism and romance, there is beauty in the delicate frictions and touches of decadence in the latest Valentino Resort 2020 Collection, made exclusively with a romance cradled by the beautiful country of Italy.